We're well versed in what it takes to deliver an integrated strategy. Our experience across these fields ranges from product launches to commerce platforms with $100,000,000 in transactions.


Product Development

Brand Positioning



For Print, Digital, Packaging, Broadcast and Outdoor:

Creative and Art Direction





Strategy & Production for:





Analysis & Reporting







Film, Video & CGI

Post Production Film  & Photography



Software and Online

Digital Marketing

Automated Marketing





about us

We work with just a few clients to vertically integrate their brand... from bleeding edge emerging technologies and platforms to traditional media and asset development, our passion is brand integration and development... yeah, we speak brand.

Lloyd Solly

Creative Director

With over a $billion dollars worth of products in the marketplace bearing his creative input, Lloyd brings not just experience but an insatiable passion for marketing and brand management to every project.

Todd Solly

Head of Operations

Formerly in Food Sciences and Hospitality Management, Todd brings not just organizational skills but 35 years of martial arts training to our operational wellbeing. If you're wondering why the black belt reference is important, think absolute precision under pressure... just try and fluster him!

David Hesson

Head of Production

Broadcast and Film

David has shot and produced from the seat of almost every vehicle known to human kind - and in situations ranging from deserts to drones. His work for brands like Acura, Lexus and Toyota draws on 30 years experience and

a 24/7 passion for film and production.

Oh, and he runs a mean bar-b-q when on location....

Matt Leach

Head of Production

Events & Experiential

Matt began his career on the road with acts like Lou Reed, David Bowie and Michael Jackson. Since then he has produced and managed events from the Grammy’s and Rose Bowl, to special events for the White House and Harley Davidson. He has applied his touring skills for SAP & HP, as well as 20 years of automotive consumer launches. From Antonov’s to amphitheaters he is known for getting things done on time and on budget.  He delivers - every single time... and we don't ask how.

Phillip Ross

Head of Engineering

Digital & Software

Phillip studied computer science, information science, and mathematics at the University of Pittsburgh, and has over 20 years of software and systems

engineering experience. He founded the

Pittsburgh Linux Users Group and under his guidance we have deployed projects from the very small to commerce platforms that manage over 100 million dollars worth of transactions. He spends his every waking hour solving problems we haven't even thought of yet...


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